UK Bookmakers – List of the Best British Betting Sites

The UK sports betting industry has been placed under a little pressure recently as new legislation has seen a number of operators ceasing their activities in this region. For economic reasons, some no longer consider it viable to open their doors to UK customers and obviously that’s disappointing if you’re based here.

The good news is that many remain loyal to the British market so there is still plenty of choice when it comes to finding a provider. After all, bookmaking really began here with popular names such as bet365, Coral and Ladbrokes setting up on course betting and physical shops long before the Internet came along.

We’ve mentioned two established names there but there are plenty more who built their business in the UK but what attributes does a typical UK bookmaker possess?

Best UK Bookmakers

The betting industry is evolving all the time and in 2021, we’ve already welcomed a host of new bookmakers onto the scene. The good news in the UK is that many are happy to open their doors to UK customers to add to the great choice that we already have across the country.

Some will take time to develop but there are some outlets worth checking out straight away. In this list we will highlight those who have already impressed to make it onto our list of UK bookmakers:

List of British Bookmakers

Tradition and Trust

Longevity means a lot when it comes to choosing a provider and many of the UK betting sites go back a long way. William Hill, for example, were founded way back in 1934 while a less familiar name – Betfred – opened their first betting shop as long ago as 1967.

So trust is there and many of the best online bookmakers keep a traditional feel in the way that they advertise and promote themselves. Football and horse racing are the two most popular sports from a betting point of view so that’s where advertising and promotions tend to be concentrated.

Other popular British sports such as cricket, rugby – both union and league – golf and tennis are also covered extensively while Irish events are also given come focus. If you’re looking for popular European sports such as Handball and Winter Sports then they are quoted for but to a lesser degree.

Another plus point is that all the major UK betting sites are featured on the main odds comparison sites so you can easily see the value that you get in each market.

Features of the Best British Bookmakers

All UK bookmakers have something to offer and there are many different aspects to consider when you’re looking for a new account. Perhaps you want great value for your money and a betting site that comes on top of the odds comparison charts more than most? Alternatively, perhaps you’re seduced by a bigger welcome bonus before moving on to find another provider.

Here are some important factors to look at together with the specific best online bookmakers who come out on top.

Betting Offers of UK Betting Sites

We’ve seen some seriously good offers from mainland Europe in recent years and many of these will hit the 100 Euro mark and some will even go beyond this point. Best bookmakers in UK do provide a welcome bonus or free bet bonuses but how does it compare with their EU counterparts?

In general, the welcome offer from a UK focussed bookmaker tends to be a little lower than you might find in other parts of the world but that’s not necessarily bad news. Bookmakers such as bet365, Betfred and Coral go big on promotions for existing customers and this is where others will find it tough to compete.

Let’s take William Hill’s current opening deal as an example and here you can claim a 200% matched deposit on your initial bet credits stake. Sounds good doesn’t it but when you realise that the maximum bonus is capped at £20.00 it might dissuade you from signing up.

However, loyalty and perseverance is rewarded as Hill’s ongoing promos are really very good indeed. Football offers are plentiful and you can get Acca Insurance, Second chances in the first goal scorer market and many more.

There are exceptions to this rule and some online betting offers are higher but these scenarios are fairly typical of all UK online bookmakers.

Rewarding Loyal Players

So we’ve seen that some UK bookmakers are lagging behind the rest of the world when it comes to opening offers but there is one area where they really score. The vast majority of British providers are very serious about rewarding player loyalty and as a result, their ongoing promotions are arguably second to none.

William Hill are a very good example of this and whereas that welcome bonus of £20 may seem disappointing to some, it’s made up for with their regular deals. Typically you can find up to ten offers at any time and these may change depending on what sport is in season. Free bets, Accumulator Insurance and second chances are among Hill’s list and it’s one that’s replicated around the country.

Coral are another British bookmaker who provide a relatively low welcome offer while going on to give better value with the ongoing promotions. Overall, whether that welcome bonus is low at £20 or higher at £50 or more, all UK bookmakers work hard to reward loyalty with 888sport, Betfred and Coral among the best of them.

More Bang for Your Buck

bet365 have been acknowledged by many as the bookmaker giving you the best prices across all football markets and we’ve certainly found them to be out on top for many of the side options. In Correct Score football betting for example, they are nearly always in front and no-one can beat them for prices.

In other markets such as first goal scorer, which is one of the most popular sides, bet365 are frequently on top again but not always. Overall however, they are the most competitive so if you’re main focus is football and you want top value every time, this is probably your first option.
UK Bookmakers -  List of the Best British Betting Sites
Football is obviously Britain’s most popular sport so you won’t really see a UK bookmaker giving some bad prices in any of the markets. For result betting, bet365 are arguably the best but in this and in any of the side options, William Hill, Ladbrokes, Coral and Betfred are all offering very similar prices for much of the time.

Moving away from football, horse racing is the second biggest sport from a betting point of view and happily this gets far wider coverage than it receives from most bookmakers outside of Great Britain. Once again, odds are very similar no matter who you use but most providers operate a Best Odds Guaranteed Scheme which promises to match the SP price if it’s longer than the one quoted on your bet slip.

If you’re interested in other sports, the good news is that all the major UK bookmakers are featured on the odds comparison sites so it’s easy to find who offers the best value.

Choice of Sports Betting Markets

Most money is staked in football and horse racing and the majority of those funds are placed as straight win bets. However, we all like our side markets and many of us like to bet on some niche events so who gives you the better options in this respect?

Once again, there is very little to choose between the providers with most, if not all, extending their coverage to include growing sports such as darts and snooker. If we look at something very niche such as chess for example, then the options narrow considerably and you’re now restricted to a smaller list which includes 888sport, Betway and MarathonBet.

But you really do have to be very obscure in your choices to narrow things down to this extent as all UK bookmakers offer a very healthy list of sports and additional side markets.

Experience of the Bookmakers

As with any online purchase, it pays to look at individual reviews before you part with your money and online betting is no exception. Personally, we haven’t experienced any issues in terms of bad service or going back on promises and this can be a tricky area to pin down as people’s opinions can differ greatly.

One thing that is important is trust and with the likes of Coral and Betfred having been established for over 50 years each, you know that these are respected brands. Even a fairly recent entrant such as Betway has been around since 2007 and the online betting industry in the UK has a very long history.

We all want good value from our bookmaker but this can come in different forms so this review should highlight who are the best UK bookmakers in their specific areas.

Deposits and Withdrawals at Best Betting Sites UK

No matter where you are in the World, the ability to fund your online betting account via Paypal is a huge bonus and unlike other operators, many online bookmakers UK have this facility. BetWay are one example and you can even use your Paypal deposit to make use of their welcome deal.

888sport and many others offer Paypal and that’s seriously good news. Other e-wallet options may be a little more restricted but you can usually find the main companies such as Skrill and Neteller.

*Please be aware of some Welcome Offers are not available if you use Skrill or Neteller to make your first deposit. Always check the T&Cs of the offer you’d like to use.

Alternatively, you should find that without exception, all of these companies concerned will accept bank transfers together with the major debit cards.

As a general rule, funding should be free of any fees and transactions should be instant, with the possible exception of bank transfers which may take up to 3 days.

In-Play Online Betting

UK companies would also argue that they are at the forefront of the industry when it comes to innovation and that’s certainly been the case with Live Betting. The ability to place a bet once a game is in progress has added a whole new dimension to the activity and it leads to a more exciting experience for those who feel they can analyse an event and see how it will conclude.

Switch on to any major football match in England and the half time break is littered with online bookmakers’ ads giving you real time prices on potential events in that game. Bet365 are the biggest promoters of live betting but all the major UK providers such as Betway, bet365, Ladbrokes, Coral and more have got involved.

Cashout is another innovation that’s proving to be popular and although UK sports betting sites retain that traditional feel, they are certainly at the cutting edge when it comes to new industry developments.

Focus on Fun

If you’ve followed Paddy Power for any period of time then you’ll know that they have a focus on entertaining TV ads and a fun social media side which is very popular. Although they are based in the Irish Republic, Paddy Power have a big presence in the UK which includes a growing number of physical betting shops and many have followed their example.

As a result, it’s never boring when you’re involved with a UK bookmaker and if you sign up to their Facebook and Twitter accounts there will always be plenty to enjoy. Additional offers can also appear via these social media sites so it’s doubly important that you track them.

Standing Strong

The UK government may see a drop in revenue as online bookmakers start to pull out of the market but thanks to the likes of William Hill, Ladbrokes, Coral, BetVictor, bet365 and more, the industry will stay strong and continue to thrive.

In fact, new online bookmakers such as GiveMeBet and Novibet are starting to appear so things could get even better for UK customers as we progress.

To summarise, most UK bookmakers can offer trust built up over years of experience and that’s important when choosing a provider. The welcome bonuses can be a little small in comparison with some of their competitors but loyalty is rewarded with great promotions and great deals for regular players.

So, if you are looking for a new account with a British-focussed online bookmaker, it’s all about a long term relationship. Stay loyal and you will be rewarded.

Services of Online Bookmakers UK

We know that the arrival of the Internet led to an explosion in online betting but the digital age has brought so much more than a host of websites where you can stake your money with just a few clicks. To keep up with the competition, an online bookmaker has to be at the cutting edge of innovation in order to bring the best possible experience to their customers.

We’ve come a long way since the time when the only possible way to place a bet was to walk to the local betting shop but what are the areas where the bookmakers are battling to stay ahead of their competitors?

Mobile Betting

mobile betting

Being flexible in your betting strategy is important if you want to make a profit from your play and that means having all available devices at your disposal. As mobile phones became more functional, bookies started to develop mobile versions of their own sites and in time, they have become as easy to use as any static PC portal.

Along with the mobile sites came mobile apps which made placing sports bets even simpler. Some are undoubtedly better than others and many have voted bet365 as the best mobile betting app around. bet365 are the market leaders when it comes to betting in play so they simply must have a wide range of markets on offer for mobile users.

Look out too for mobile-specific offers as many online bookmakers in the UK will quote a promo for those using an app for the very first time. Unibet and 10bet are among a wide list who issue this type of offer.

Phone Betting

It may seem like an ancient art but many users still like to pick up the telephone and place a bet directly with their bookmaker. Remember that there are generations who grew up without the internet and believe it or not, there are a number of households who have never taken the plunge to go online.

Paddy Power and William Hill are among a number of bookmakers in the UK who still offer a telephone service. Paddy’s phone line is free in the UK and Ireland and this style of betting remains very popular for lots of users – not just those of a certain age!

Live Streaming Services

This is a huge benefit if you’re an active bettor and a real sports lover as the majority of best bookmakers UK offer a live streaming service as part of their package. This can allow you televised access to sporting events that would otherwise fall under the radar of the satellite channels.

In many cases, all you need to do is to keep funds in your account – you don’t even necessarily have to bet on the event to be able to watch it in real time.

This is a huge bonus for many players but the terms provided by the betting sites in the UK can vary greatly so if live streaming is important to you then you need to check these out. For example, quality can vary so look for reviews. Suggestions put the likes of bet365, Betfair, Paddy Power and SkyBet at the top as far as clarity is concerned. Sound can also be an issue at times but once again, these are the providers who are most likely to have nailed it.

Check also if you need to have a bet riding on the event before you can access it and lastly, see who has the biggest range of live shows on a weekly basis.

Social Media

Like all businesses in this digital age, bookmakers have embraced the concept of social media but naturally, some are much better at it than others. The most popular accounts are run by Paddy Power and these are full of humour and entertainment designed to brighten up your day at work.

Social media has a serious side too and it can keep you posted in terms of an important match while informing you of the latest in play odds. If you’re serious about your betting strategy then you should be following all the bookies’ Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Other Bright Ideas

Coral are a very innovative online bookmaker and they are one of a few betting sites who give you live commentary on the biggest races and matches via their Coral Radio app. This is easily downloadable and useful if you’re on a train or somewhere where you can’t pay full attention by watching live streaming.

It’s just one of a number of new ideas that continues to put betting at the forefront of new technology. Betting sites know that they have to keep evolving with the times and it’s just not enough to build a website and hope that people will come.

The question is, just what will they think of next?