Athletics Betting Sites

For the casual punter, the only time they may ever consider betting on athletics is when the Olympic Games come along. Every four years the world’s elite gather in one of the greatest sporting spectacles on earth.

Meanwhile, the more experienced bettor knows that athletics is a strong sport to follow with lots of value in a good set of markets. As with all events, picking the right bookmaker is vital and it’s the same here, particularly as not all operators will actually issue betting markets for athletics.

Of the Athletics Betting Sites that do quote, here is a round up of some of the best bookmakers in the UK!


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Of the newer bookmakers on the circuit, EnergyBet are one of the best when it comes to extending markets to cover minority sports. They like to declare early and they have a good range with some side betting available for the bigger events.

Like all new bookmakers, they suffer a little because they aren’t yet up on the main odds comparison sites but we urge players not to ignore them on that basis. They list very strong prices in all markets and are often out on their own with the best odds on a single event from around the sportsbooks.

Paddy Power

If you already have an account with Paddy Power then you’ll know that you get a good mix of choice and value and that’s what all of us really want from our bookmaker. Choice comes with one of the biggest sets of betting markets around and for the purposes of this review, that list extends to cover a good set of athletics meetings.

Paddy are frequently out on their own in terms of prices and are rarely, if ever out of the loop with really bad odds. That’s the same for athletics with some really strong figures and they are a good all-rounder for any niche sports. Like SkyBet, they may not have the widest reach but prices do go up early for the big events and those prices are exceptional.

William Hill

Athletics Betting Sites

William Hill provide an introduction to their athletics betting and one of their key benefits is with their live streaming service. We all like to see our bets play out in real time and because athletics is a sport that doesn’t get wide coverage from the TV companies, this is a definite bonus.

Beyond that, Hills also have a good set of side betting options for all of the main events plus many of the smaller meetings around Europe and beyond. They may not always quote as early as some of the bookmakers on this list but it’s always worth delaying a little when the first ante post markets come along and waiting for William Hill to confirm as they will always be strong here.


Athletics Betting Sites

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In the main, it’s the established brands that are really strong for athletics betting and we conclude with Ladbrokes and their offerings. They’ve been around for decades and that’s an obvious plus point, no matter what markets you’re interested in but it’s particularly useful when you’re looking to cover the niche sports.


Usain Bolt

Ladbrokes cover all the main points that we’ve discussed: they declare prices early and you can get good odds on events such as the Olympics some years in advance. Those good prices extend to regular events too and there is perhaps a better choice of markets for the regular athletics meetings that are held throughout the year.

Those two key elements of choice and value are to the fore so Ladbrokes should certainly be one of the first options to consider for athletics betting.


SkyBet may not have the biggest sets of athletics markets but they score in a number of key areas. Firstly, they quote ante post betting some way in advance so, in October 2017, you could already place a bet on certain Olympic athletic events from the 2020 games.

The London Marathon, traditionally held in April, was also covered so this is probably the best place to be for long term betting. The prices are also excellent, no matter when you place a bet so you can always be assured of value when taking a punt with SkyBet.

Athletics is a year-round sport but up until now it’s yet to be fully embraced by the bookmakers. Extensive markets will come out for the Olympics but if you want to bet a little more frequently than every four years, you’ll need to choose your provider carefully.

Regular athletics betting options are important but beyond that, the operators should look to provide excellent prices too. Having researched a number of companies, we feel that the above bookies will provide the best homes for athletics bettors so if you want that key mix of choice and value, these are excellent places to play.