Best Free Bet Offers UK

When you sign up with a UK bookmaker you’ll see the majority of outlets offering a free bet scheme but what does this mean exactly? Is it entirely risk free and are there any catches at all?

Naturally there are terms and conditions with any bookies’ offer but free bets are worth following and can give you an extra chance of landing a big win.

So what is a typical free bet offer from a UK bookie?

List of Best Free Betting Deals

In the Beginning

Free bet offers uk can start right at the beginning of your relationship and many are awarded as part of a welcome bonus. William Hill, Betfred, Paddy Power and more are all currently giving away free bets when you open an account and credit at least £10 as your first deposit.

In most cases you’ll get more than that £10 back with both Betfred and Paddy Power giving £30 away as a sign up incentive. One thing to watch is that this may be split and Paddy, for example, will divide their £30 welcome bonus into 3 x £10 free bets.

No Lose Freebies

A twist on the opening freebie is the ‘no-lose’ deal which refunds your first bet if it loses. Typically you would fund an initial credit of £10 and then make that bet: if it wins then you collect a profit but if it loses, the likes of 10Bet, JenningsBet and others will refund that amount as a free bet token.

UK Bookmakers Free Bets

All UK bookmakers quote regular promotions for their loyal customers and in most cases you can take advantage of these at any time. Along with the Acca Insurances and the Enhanced Odds deals you will also find free bet offers uk covering a long list of options.

Maybe there will be a second chance offer in the first goal scorer market: William Hill provide a bonus that gives you another go at winning if your chosen player is substituted and in this instance, your goal scorer bet is carried over to that sub.

Elsewhere, bet365 give refunds in certain markets if your chosen football match finishes in a goalless draw. Many of these promotions give returns or refunds as a free bet token so check the terms and conditions to make sure.

Free bets are offered in other sports too and these may typically occur when there is a big tournament in progress. In tennis for example, bookmakers such as 888sport will quote special promotions around one of the Grand Slam events such as Wimbledon or the US Open.

Golf’s majors can also be the time to take advantage of a new deal and once again, many of these promos will lead to a free bet.

One Offs

In addition to any regular deals, bookies will regularly give a free bet incentive as a complete one-off. Once again this might usually apply to a football match but it happens in other sports too. These can occur at any time so how do you find out about them in order to take full advantage?

If you have an account at any bookmakers then you simply must follow them on Social Media to keep abreast of any deals that are happening. Most of us use Facebook but if you don’t have Twitter then you should sign up right away so that you don’t miss out.

This is where most of the one-off free bets are announced and one of the biggest players in this respect is Paddy Power. Their Twitter and Facebook accounts are fun to follow and are worth it just for the entertainment value but this is where those occasional freebies will be announced.

But Paddy aren’t alone so make sure you follow everyone from William Hill, Ladbrokes, Betway, Coral, bet365 and more.

Isolated freebies can be very generous and social media is the best place to capture them but they can also be sent to account holders via an SMS message. These free bets may be targeted to your own likes as a punter so be sure that the bookie can get hold of you by text.

Any Catch?

All betting offers come with terms and conditions but perhaps the main thing to watch out for with free bets is the time limit. Will all of these deals, you will have to use your free token within a certain timescale otherwise it will expire and will simply be lost.

Some bookmakers, including Coral, have a 7 day limit on all of their free bet deals and for some this is quite tight. Make sure you’re comfortable with that and that you perhaps have a follow up bet in mind that you can turn round very quickly.

Elsewhere, that limit can be extended to 30 days which can be a bonus but the downside for some punters is that they forget they have that freebie tucked away. Whichever you prefer, be sure that you understand what’s required under that specific deal.

Rollover terms may also apply in many cases and once again these can differ depending on which bookmaker is involved. Elsewhere, there may be no requirements at all but once again this is an important area to check under the relevant Ts and Cs.

Finally, you shouldn’t necessarily expect the free bet part of the deal to come back to you if you score a win. So, for example, if you bet £10 on a football team to win and it comes in at 2/1, you will only receive £20 and won’t get the £10 stake as a bonus.

So there are lots of ways in which to earn free bets and these will start from the moment you sign up for a new account. Ongoing offers can be published on a bookmaker’s website but they can also appear on social media or they may be sent to you as a text.

Check all Ts and Cs but remember those time limits and also to check for any rollover terms but these offers are widespread across the UK industry and can be a quick and easy way to take another chance of landing a winning bet.