E-Sports Betting Sites

The concept of betting on video gaming may seem an alien one to traditional sports bettors but why shouldn’t eSports get their share of attention from the bookmakers? The competition is just as strong in this setting as it is in any sporting environment and provides a perfect opportunity to publish a list of markets.

While the established brands have just started to list eSports on their schedules, it’s probably no great surprise to see that the best bookmakers for eSports tend to be newer companies that are not afraid to move with changing times. So, if you’re thinking of getting involved in this niche market yourself, here are some options.


MarathonBet are, perhaps, the first name to add to this list as they are quick to publish prices for upcoming events and are very comprehensive in terms of the range of competitions and markets involved. eSports is not a niche that offers a lot of obvious options when it comes to side betting – usually it’s just about the straight win – but this particular bookie will look to give some additional options when they can. Handicaps are usually available for the bigger events.

Choice is important but value is equally vital and MarathonBet have some of the best prices for eSports across the net, making them one of the first choices when it comes to signing up for a new account.


E-Sports Betting SitesFirst 5 deposits with £10.00Visit MobileBet

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If you’re into general sports, MobileBet have a great new customer offer which can give you a £50.00 bonus. As a general rule for eSports betting, do check to see if bets on this sector will allow you to qualify for offers as it’s not an area that everyone embraces just yet.

However, in terms of MobileBet, this is clearly a very important part of their set up and this is one of the widest sets of markets we’ve seen. This operator doesn’t just focus on the bigger tournaments across the world as many of the minor events are given plenty of coverage too.


E-Sports Betting SitesWelcome Bonus of £20.00Visit Grosvenor

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Many of us are aware of Grosvenor’s activities as they are a long-established casino brand but since they entered the world of sports betting, they have attracted a lot of interest. You can claim a welcome deal of £20.00 in free bets when you play with just £5.00 but if you want to go on and play the eSports markets, what is there to look forward to here?

At Grosvenor’s sportsbook, the choice of eSports tournaments may be a little more restricted than you might see elsewhere but the big events can always be found and the smaller set of options is made up for in terms of pricing. You’ll get some of the keenest odds on any eSports events from across the books so if you are a regular bettor in this niche and your main concern is consistent value for money, this could be the place to play.

Mr Green

E-Sports Betting SitesVisit Mr Green

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Another bookmaker who started life as a casino provider, Mr Green only started their sportsbook in 2016 but they were quick to add a good set of eSports to their roster. In fact, to use the word good is a bit of an understatement as you will struggle to find a wider set of options for all leagues and tournaments.

On any given day, there could be as many as 15 separate match ups taking place on the Mr Green eSports section. Outright winner bets may be the only option and there are few handicaps to enjoy but if you need a bookie that covers both major and minor eSports matches, this is the place to be.


energybet-new-logo300Bet £10 Get £10Visit EnergyBet

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EnergyBet were a new bookmaker for 2016 who have a strong welcome offer promising : Bet £10 Get £10. For eSports bettors, they are similar to Mr Green as they will be particularly active in terms of events, listing prices for all the big and small gaming tournaments across the world.

Prices are very strong too and overall, this is another bookmaker who scores as a good all-rounder – someone with a good selection of eSports events and some strong prices.


E-Sports Betting Sites£50 Free Bet

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It’s not all about the new players and if you want to bet on eSports with a more established name, Ladbrokes is possibly your best choice. They offer the main requirements for any form of betting with a good choice of options for upcoming tournaments and there is a limited set of side bets too with handicap punts being listed for some of the bigger events.

ESports isn’t a sector that will necessarily be picked up by all of the odds comparison sites but we know from other events that Ladbrokes are a competitive bookmaker so you can rest assured that their prices for this niche will be strong too.

It may still be a very niche sector of the market but there is no doubt that eSports is growing fast and many more punters are getting on board. As we’ve seen, there are a number of aspects to eSports betting when two teams meet each other at a big tournament and while there are few side bets to consider, you can get bets on the handicap with some of these bookmakers.

In time, it would be no great surprise to see dedicated offers and promotions centred around eSports but for now, it’s all about finding the best prices and the greatest coverage for this growing sector of the market and all of the best UK bookmakers listed above will help you to do just that.