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Where Next for eSports?

The growth of eSports has been a success story in many realms. Taken from the fringes of gaming, this has developed into organised sport with the elite gamers being able to turn professional and to earn a living from doing the thing that they love. In turn, sponsors are also getting involved to provide important financial backing in what is something of a boom period.

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The Greatest Sports Movies of all Time

When sport crosses to the silver screen it usually does so with great effect, leaving us with some memorable movies from Hollywood and beyond. Some of the world’s greatest sporting achievements have been immortalised in celluloid but which is the best sports movie of all time?

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Famous Sportsmen Turned Actors

When a player’s sporting career comes to an end it can be a difficult time as they face up to the question ‘What Comes Next?’ If coaching isn’t your thing then maybe a more glamorous alternative awaits. Here are a number of people who have swapped muddy pitches for a career on the Silver Screen and some high profile appearances at the movies.

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