Darts Premier League Betting

premier league darts

Being a famous competition, huge crowds are attracted by the event as they come to watch and place bets. Many more will watch the event from home on their televisions.

The players that compete are the best in the game and they stand to win huge payoffs. Those who place wagers can also make a lot of money and this explains why the this tournament attracts so many.


We’ve mentioned that the players are top in the game. They include 4 of the best derived from the PDC order as well as 6 other wildcard picks. This makes a total of 10. The game is divided into 3 stages.

The first stage involves all the 10 competitors taking each other on. As this initial stage comes to a close, two of the players who have the least score will be eliminated. The remaining eight then compete with each other in the second phase of the competition.

The second stage will see the elimination of 4 more players. The top 4 players then face each other in the final stage where they aim to take each other out of the game. This last stage includes two phases of semifinals and a final phase. The champion will be decided on the final.


An important feature is that in case you missed the first round when two players were facing against each other, you will get another chance to place your wagers on who of the two you think is likely to win now that you have an idea of the favourite.

Many clever bettors have found it helpful to use the first round to observe and then place the wagers on the second round. This can offer plenty of useful information such as which of the players you think will likely make it to the finals.

Picking your Favourite

Thanks, to the popularity, most of the major bookmakers will provide you with the odds. When making your decision to picking a bookmaker, please take note of the security of the site, their welcome bonus and the banking methods, just to mention a few.

Picking a bookmaker is the first step towards placing a bet. The right bookie for you will depend on your personal preference. To make the right choice however, please check out what you require from your bookmaker such as the best deals for placing your wager, if there are any free offers or the best live streaming.

This is what makes picking the bookmaker so challenging in that what will often be a major concern for a person will not be an issue to another.

An important thing is the number of markets provided by the darts betting sites. Since the sport has only recently found itself into the gambling world, a good bookmaker should be able to provide you with plenty of markets.

The second thing to look for in a bookmaker is the bonus. Many people might come under the impression that the bigger the bonus for offer for the sports events, the better. However, this is not always true. Different bookmakers have different rates for clearing. Go for one that is simple to claim.

Bookmakers will often offer extra features through their platform that others don’t. Please carefully analyze the extra benefits that you are getting with your bookmaker that makes them the better choice. Examples include live streaming with good graphics, more options as well as bonus bundles.


Before you place your wagers, please perform proper research in order to back up the best player. However, this doesn’t necessarily require you to spend hours going through the statistics. The most efficient way is to look at the history of a player and see how well they have performed in previous competitions. You can then use that information to your advantage.