Betting on Formula One

MercedesFormula One is another sport currently enjoying the benefits of increased exposure via live TV. 2016 will herald the 67th season of the elite form of motorsport and with 21 Grand Prix on the calendar, there is more to look forward to than ever before.

Betting on Formula One is also a seriously popular pastime for many and there are far more options than you might expect.


Before the season starts – usually around the middle of March with the Australian Grand Prix – there are two distinct trophies up for grabs. These are the Drivers’ Championship and the Constructors Championship and naturally you can find busy markets open for both.

The Drivers’ Championship is fairly open – at least in comparison to the Constructors’ version where certain cars tend to dominate. After the first Grand Prix of the 2016 campaign, the highest possible price on a Mercedes win stood at a miserly 1.08 with Stan James so there is very little value to be had here at times.

Expanding the markets and finding value

Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg – 2010

As a way of making that Constructors market a little more interesting, there was the opportunity to bet on how many points Mercedes would get with the line set at 759.5.

Back with the drivers and naturally, those Mercedes men – Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg – were the natural favourites with reigning champion Hamilton starting the season at around 1.57 with the likes of William Hill and bet365 so if you’re looking for a little more value from your F1 bets, it’s a good idea to look at the individual Grand Prix.

Ahead of any individual race, there will obviously be a market open for the winner but you can also bet on a podium finish where a driver will come in within the top three. This gives you some more, longer priced options as, while the top men will dominate, there can often be a surprise in third place after withdrawals have opened the field.

You could also go head to head within a particular team so, a bookmaker such as 888sport will give you the chance to bet on the two Mercedes drivers – Hamilton and Rosberg – and decide who will finish higher.

The same principle will apply for all the teams in the race, so you can put the Red Bull drivers, the Ferrari drivers and many more up against each other before the flag comes down. Not all bookies offer this but many will declare so check carefully if F1 side betting is likely to be important to you.

Alternatives to ante post

Formula One does give you an option when it comes to betting in play. The race lasts some considerable time and that gives an opportunity to judge how it develops and to stake accordingly. Admittedly, once a driver gets out in front ahead of the rest of the field there are relatively few surprises but a lengthy pit stop or car trouble can ultimately affect the outcome.

Spread betting on formula one is also popular with the traders as there are a lot of points involved at the end of the season. How many will each of the drivers and constructors teams earn? You can see how easily the spread dovetails with this particular sport.

Any offers

Promos can be found but although this is a very big sport for the bookies, deals can be pretty rare at times. Typically, you might see free bet refund bonuses being quoted if a particular driver fails to finish the race or if they go out on the first lap.

Alternatively, most of the welcome offers can be used on F1 racing providing you meet all the regular terms and conditions.

While the outcome of races, and the Formula One season as a whole has become a little more predictable in recent years, there is plenty to enjoy from a betting perspective and with 21 Grand Prix each year, it’s a great time to get involved.