What is Spread Betting

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When it comes to making money, spread betting is an exciting area of gambling that has a wealth of possibilities and if you’ve ever been hesitant about starting an account then please read on. It may be true that your exposure can be high with some bets but there are ways to limit this, while the potential to make some serious money just cannot be ignored.

Spot the difference

There are many key differences with spread betting as opposed to traditional gambling but for many, the main aspect is with the stake. Taking sports betting as an example, if you were to stake £10.00 on a horse or a football team to win then your maximum exposure is just £10.00. Essentially you know exactly how much you stand to win or lose before the event takes place.

With spread betting however, your stake is multiplied depending on the margin by which you win or lose. Taking financial spread betting as an example, if you were taking a gamble on the stock market, the bookmaker sets the spread between two limits. If you stake £1.00 and win your bet with a FTSE 100 share index that exceeds the upper limit by 100 points then you multiply 100 x £1.00 and collect £100.00.

As you can see, if your bet loses then multiplying your stake could result in a heavy loss but when it comes down to making money spread betting offers far more potential than any other sector of the gambling market.

The potential for loss is one reason why even experienced gamblers can shy away from spread betting as a whole but you can certainly take steps to negate your risk to a certain extent. Another key difference with spread betting is that you can’t get involved without undergoing a huge amount of research and there is simply no room for going with a feeling or a hunch.

If you haven’t any experience of the financial markets then this shouldn’t be a stumbling block to making money spread betting either and there are many ways in which you can learn to analyse these markets like an expert.

rading At IG As They Announce Their Annual Results

A dealer looks at financial data on computer screens on the trading floor of IG Group Holdings Plc in London, U.K., on Tuesday, July, 21, 2015. IG Group Holdings Plc fell the most in more than six months after the spread-betting firm reported a 13 percent drop in full-year profit, hurt by the Swiss National Bank’s surprise decision in January to scrap a currency cap.

We mention financials as overall, these are arguably the most popular markets for the spread but it’s easy to see how this form of betting can be applied for most sports. It’s particularly popular in Formula One where you can speculate on how many points a driver, or a constructor, will earn over the course of a season.

In cricket, how many runs will a certain player, or his team, score in a designated game? How many points will a team score in an important rugby union match? Any sport where points, or runs, are involved can be perfect for spread betting so if you want to get involved, just see where the bookmaker has set the line and then stake accordingly.

Getting started

If you’re new to this but are absolutely serious about spread betting then you should consider taking a course, either online or in the physical world. This form of tuition has been invaluable for many gamblers who have taken them in the past and gone on to make some serious additional income.

Courses vary in their length and in their intensity and they can take you right from the basics through to expert level. All the associated terminology will be unveiled along with ways in which to plan your strategy.

If you’re looking to make money spread betting is a far more lucrative option to take than other forms of gambling but there are risks. In order to reduce these and give yourself the best chance of success it makes sense to test things out in the first instance with some small stakes. Follow this up with lengthy research into form and previous results and arm yourself with as much information as possible before making your move.