Paddy Power to Sponsor ‘Alternative World Cup’

Paddy Power to Sponsor ‘Alternative World Cup’We’re used to seeing Paddy Power pull off marketing stunts that are a little out of the ordinary and the sportsbook and casino has done it again. While the eyes of the planet will focus on the World Cup in Russia this summer, there is an alternative tournament taking place in London and it has the full backing of Paddy’s innovative brand.

Aspiring Nations Unite

The 2018 ConIFA World Cup will be held between the 31st of May and the 10th of June at various smaller football grounds around London. For those who are not familiar with ConIFA, this organisation looks after the football affairs of states around the world that, for various reasons, are not affiliated with FIFA or UEFA.

We therefore have teams competing from Northern Cyprus, Tibet, Tuvalu, Matabeleland and many more. For the 2018 tournament, 16 teams will be heading to London to take part in what is an important festival of football for those involved. This is the third edition of the ConIFA World Cup and for the 2018 renewal, Paddy Power are right behind it.

The Deal

The contract confirms Paddy Power as the Title Sponsor for the 2018 ConIFA World Cup which kicks off with three group matches, including Abkhazia v Tibet at Enfield, and Tuvalu v Szekely Land at Coles Park, Haringey.

The operator has also been involved in organising the tournament and the final itself which will take place on Saturday June 9 with the venue to be confirmed. There are no details in regards to the financial aspect of this contract but with ConIFA using volunteers for staffing in areas, this is undoubtedly a big boost for the governing body and one that has been welcomed with obvious enthusiasm.

Fantastic Fit

We see Paddy Power as a fantastic fit to support our biggest event yet.

said CONIFA President Per-Anders Blind.

Both CONIFA and Paddy Power have reputations for doing things differently, and we are excited about collaborating with them to deliver an incredible celebration of football, culture and international understanding in the sport’s spiritual home, London.

In reply, a spokesman for Paddy Power responded in typically quirky fashion:

I’m thrilled to announce Paddy Power’s sponsorship of the CONIFA World Football Cup – organised for the outsiders and underdogs of international football who aren’t recognised by FIFA.

The statement reads.

We all know that London was supposed to hold a major football tournament this summer, so we decided to serve one up for our UK punters which couldn’t be stolen away by Russian Rubles.

It is especially exciting because it’s the first time Paddy Power has been involved in organising an entire tournament. Or been mentioned in the same breath as the Dalai Lama.

Important Development

All joking aside, this is a hugely important contract for those at ConIFA and for all of the teams that fall under their umbrella. While there are 16 teams competing in and around London at this year’s World Cup, the organisation has 48 member states overall and the body gives them a voice and carries out vital work on their behalf.

It also allows talented players, those who live or were born in disputed territories, to compete for their state or region in competitive football which would otherwise be denied to them. Paddy Power’s comments may suggest that they aren’t taking the competition that seriously but they must realise that behind the publicity, this is one of the most important sponsorship stories to emerge so far this year and hopefully their involvement will ensure that the 2018 ConIFA World Cup in England is a huge success.