Pinnacle Enters Global Partnership Payment Deal

Pinnacle Enters Global Partnership Payment DealThe landscape of online betting is changing and while some countries remain very restrictive in terms of what their citizens can and can’t do, other areas of the world are finally starting to embrace the digital age.

The obvious example of this is in the United States of America which has started to relax gambling laws and those moves have, as we’ve seen, opened the door for a number of new ventures across the country. In order to keep pace with the changing markets, bookmakers need to expand their range of payment providers and that’s exactly what popular operator Pinnacle has done this week.

Pinnacle have announced a new arrangement with the online gaming payments company MuchBetter which aims to improve the service in a number of ways.

Key Areas

The main areas that MuchBetter are looking to work on include the issue of transaction fees and of online payment fraud. The aim, according to the announcement, is to significantly reduce those fees while looking to prevent fraud and offer the best deposit and withdrawal experience at the same time.

The set up at MuchBetter should allow both parties to reach those goals and the contract has naturally been welcomed on all sides.


Pinnacle’s Head of Group payments Isabelle Delisle said:

Given the steady rise of transaction fees in recent years and squeezed margins, it’s rare to find a payment partner that is genuinely on your side.

On our side, we’re excited by the way that MuchBetter will help us proactively reduce transfer fees, while also cutting down on the most common and most damaging forms of igaming fraud.

In response, Jens Bader, co-founder of MuchBetter, added:

Pinnacle needed a solution that offered the functionality that mobile players have come to expect as standard from their mobile apps, and in MuchBetter they have a service that is simplicity itself.

There are no passwords, no security questions. Players can make their payments and withdraw their winnings with just their fingerprint and phone.

Passing on Benefits

The arrangement starts immediately so MuchBetter’s payment facilities are made available straight away to all of Pinnacle’s customers both on the main sportsbook and on the separate esports website. Those who use the operator on a regular basis will be particularly pleased to hear that transaction fees will be kept to a minimum and this is always an area of contention for any sports bettor or casino user.

For those that deposit and withdraw to and from their Pinnacle account on a regular basis, this could amount to significant savings over the life of their relationship with the operator. And, although the individual customer may not fully appreciate it, the drive to tackle fraud is also an important one in an area of the industry which seems to be a constant battle.

Overall, it’s a very positive move on all sides and it’s a contract which will bring important benefits to the operator, the payment provider and the customer moving forward. At the same time, it’s a move that recognises the growth of gambling and the removal of restrictions in key areas around the world.