K8 Give Backing to Supreme Pool Series

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K8 Give Backing to Supreme Pool SeriesThe iGaming brand K8 has been active in sports betting partnerships over the last 12 months having signed lucrative deals with English Football League sides Wigan Athletic and Cardiff City. Football will always attract interest from potential partners so it’s good to see the operator extending its reach with an arrangement that will bring much needed funding into the world of pool.

This latest announcement confirms K8 as the main sponsor for the Supreme Pool series, a competition that will feature some of the best cue men in the game in a sport that is growing in interest right across the world.

Marathon Event

The Supreme Pool Series is a new addition to the pool calendar and it is a series of five events, designed to meet the growing needs of the sport. With greater interest in big tournaments such as the Mosconi Cup, this series has been brought in to provide more action for the world’s best players and there is a significant prize fund of £125,000 up for grabs.

The events in question will take place across 2018 at the Players Pool and Snooker Lounge in Stoke before the best cue men will proceed to the grand final. It’s been described as a brave new era by the organisers who will no doubt be delighted to have secured the financial backing of K8.

We assume that’s the case because no-one from either side seems to have commented on the new contract which is strange but it’s clearly one that will benefit all involved.


K8 Give Backing to Supreme Pool SeriesPool may not enjoy the type of following that is bestowed on football or even on snooker which is something of a counterpart but it is gaining in popularity and the biggest tournaments are being broadcast live across Europe and by Sky Sports in the UK.

K8 will therefore add to their brand profile by becoming more visible to the sporting public who are not always offered markets for pool tournaments by some of the current bookmakers. They have done that already by getting behind English football teams and their arrangement with Cardiff City could pay particular dividends as the Welsh Championship side look to be heading back to the English Premier League under manager Neil Warnock.

The contract with the organisers of the Supreme Pool series won’t be able to give their new partner quite the same visibility but this is an added bonus that should add some goodwill factor for K8 and increase their customer base.

In Return

By attracting new commercial partners, the sport of pool can continue to grow and add more exciting tournaments to the calendar. In a sense, it could be argued that the Supreme Series gets the better part of this contract but the financial details will surely be relative to the brand exposure that K8 receive.

Overall, it’s good news all round and it should be a productive period for this set of tournaments, the first of which goes off in Stoke this May.