Polish eSports Foundation Finds Important Commercial Partner

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Polish eSports Foundation Finds Important Commercial Partner2018 is expected to be another important year in the development of eSports as organisations across the world look to bring the games to a wider audience. There’s already been talk of an Olympic presence in the future while the introduction of new titles has filled busy arenas with new competitions and new participants.

It’s an exciting time for all involved but if eSports is going to sustain its growth as a discipline, it needs vital funding from a number of areas and that includes sponsorship. Some betting companies, including Unibet and Betway, have moved from mainstream sports partnerships into this area but the overall list of willing participants remains fairly small.

The latest announcement involving Blockchain operator Bettium and the Polish e-Sports foundation is therefore a very welcome one.

What’s Involved?

The exact terms of the deal are a little unclear but the intention on both sides is to work together and increase each other’s brand exposure. It was said in the initial announcement that Bettium would work shoulder-to-shoulder with the Polish organisation as the company looked to make a confirmed mark in the world of e-Sports betting.

The deal will also see the founder of the Polish eSports Foundation, Tomasz Chojecki, join the advisory board at Bettium.

In welcoming the partnership, Bettium’s Chief Executive Officer Nathan Hunt said:

Professional community management is at the center of innovation in the space and has remained a key focus throughout the development of Bettium.

We are delighted to welcome Mr. Chojecki to our Advisory Board and partner with the e-Sports Foundation to further Bettium’s growth potential in the EU’s vibrant gaming sector and directly connect with the local community — which is stronger in Europe than anywhere else.

In particular, Mr. Chojecki brings a wealth of experience and industry knowledge as a proven manager, e-sports community leader, and an ex-professional player.

Who is Involved

As we all start to look deeper into the eSports sector of the industry, it’s helpful to look at the two parties involved here and to understand their involvement and goals. Bettium are an unusual operator, not because they are focused on cryptocurrency but moreover, they are a peer-to-peer platform that takes its model from some of the more traditional FIAT money sportsbooks and exchanges.

The company is currently undertaking a private fundraiser that will run up until the end of June 2018 and is intended to aid their growth in the eSports sector and in sports betting as a whole.

Meanwhile, the Polish eSports foundation began life in 2015 under the guidance of its founder Tomasz Chojecki. A former player himself, Chojecki recognises the need to promote education in eSports and to organise more competitions in Poland in order to develop it professionally.

In getting Bettium on board and becoming an advisor, Mr Chojecki has now secured important financial backing while at the same time, the Polish federation has now sealed a foothold in the important area of betting which attracts more buzz around the games and tournaments.

Both parties recognise the huge potential here and it is a strong partnership which we hope will thrive and allow them both to achieve their respective aims.