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BBC Greatest Person of the 20th Century Odds Preview

At the end of 2018, the BBC announced an extensive list of nominees to be put forward for the right to be called the Greatest Person of the 20th Century. It may seem rather odd to call this now – some 18 years after the new century began – but it’s led to a great deal of interest and subsequent debate as to who deserves the award.

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The Turner Prize 2018: Betting and Odds Preview

The Turner Prize is an annual award that has been handed out since 1985 and is one of the most important events on the art calendar. It has gained notoriety on several occasions as it often rewards conceptual artworks and that’s a discipline that continues to divide opinion among members of the public.

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Christmas Specials 2018: Betting and Odds Preview

The festive season is almost here and in terms of betting, that means a repeat of some popular Christmas markets that have been around for years. These are among the oldest novelty bets in existence and the two that stand the test of time have been available since long before the birth of the internet.

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